ddInterfere command Icon


This command allows you to check for interferences within a model that contains closed polysurfaces or closed meshes by comparing all the objects each against one another.

This command use all your CPU cores so if your CPU have time you will be able to orbit your view while interferences are computed even run a new command or hide a layer.

Every time a command ends, interferences will be computed again.

This command runs only in shaded display modes.

ddClippingObject command Icon


This is a slower but more flexible version of ClippingPlane command. Allows use any closed polysurface or mesh as clipping object.

If clipping objects are created while history is enabled in the editor, these can be modified later and section will be updated automatically.

This command runs only in shaded display modes.

ddMirrorPlane command Icon


This command defines a plane and enables a display conduit that redraws symmetrically all the geometry along that plane.

Could be used to model symmetrical objects like a yacht hull.